The Same Excellent Patient Care and Team Approach at Our New Location in Brooklyn

A photo of a happy woman on a dental chair
It is with great excitement that we welcome you to our second location. As we expand our distinguished reputation and team approach to more community members in the Brooklyn area, Dr. Li looks forward to warmly receiving new patients and helping you to feel at home in our Brooklyn office.

Holding fast to the high value we put on continual education and training of our team, we implement innovative technology at our second location as well, ensuring comfort, convenience, and optimal results.

At this new venue, our mission to provide you with the best oral surgical care by using our team approach remains the same. Our oral surgeons, who are also dedicated restorative dentists, and our support staff work together to continue to create a caring and nurturing environment where your comfort and safety is of our utmost concern. We welcome you with open arms!

We offer our same excellent services and team approach in our Brooklyn office:

  • X-Navigation—efficiency, accuracy, and precision for implant placement
  • Regenerative Medicine—platelet rich growth factors (PRGF) which promote and accelerate hard and soft tissue healing
  • Piezosurgery—increased accuracy and minimal discomfort with ultrasonic vibrations
  • Teeth-in-an-Hour—a fully functioning set of teeth in one visit, our doctors serving as both your oral surgeon and restorative dentist
  • Surgically Clean Air—multi-stage air purifying technologies, ensuring a germ-free environment
Your healthy and confident smile is our top priority, and we invite you to make an appointment at our new location in Brooklyn. Call today! 718-366-0070