Q&A with Dr. Paul Chin-Fan Li

Dr. Li: A Superior Oral Surgeon in Flushing & Brooklyn NY + Westfield NJ

What Inspired You to Pursue Dentistry?

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As a child, my parents emphasized the importance of oral health and as a first-generation immigrant access to dental care was considered a luxury.  I wanted to be able to provide oral health care access to give back to the community

When Did You Decide to Further Your Expertise into Oral Surgery?

At Columbia University we went through each dental specialty rotation.  In oral maxillofacial surgery, I was impressed by the depth of knowledge and skills and oral maxillofacial surgeon was trained in.  At times, as the last line of defense in cases for patients seeking help, and it was extremely rewarding to be able to help patients.

What Makes You Excited to Go to Work Every Day?

Knowing that each patient is unique, and each case treatment is unique.  It truly allows me to utilize all my skills and knowledge to provide the best care possible.

What Are Your Favorite Activities or Hobbies Outside of the Office?

I enjoy spending time with my family and traveling.  I believe in experiencing other cultures around the world as much as possible.  It is fun and exciting to experience each culture’s differences and commonality.

What is the Most Important Thing You Want Your Patients to Know About You?

My work philosophy is to do the best I can the first time and to stand behind my work.

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