Bone Morphogenetic Protein: 6 Benefits for Oral Surgery

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Bone morphogenetic proteins (BMPs) are a group of naturally occurring proteins that play a crucial role in bone formation and regeneration. At Flushing Oral Surgery, BMPs have several benefits and applications. Consider the benefits outlined below if you wonder why our surgeons have suggested bone morphogenetic protein treatment.

1.   Enhanced Bone Regeneration

BMPs can induce the differentiation of stem cells into osteoblast cells, which are responsible for bone formation. By promoting bone cell growth and activity, BMPs can enhance the process of bone regeneration in many of our patients’ oral surgery procedures, including dental implant placement, bone grafting, and ridge augmentation.

2.   Reduced Need for Autografts

Autografts are bone grafts harvested from another part of the patient’s body. This means undergoing an additional surgical procedure, followed by several weeks or months of healing. By using Bone Morphogenetic protein, we eliminate the need for autografts. Instead, the BMPs stimulate the patient’s natural healing ability, stimulating bone growth.

3.   Quicker Recovery

The use of BMPs in oral surgery accelerates the healing process and reduces the overall recovery time. By promoting rapid bone formation, BMPs allow our patients to experience faster healing of the surgical site and faster integration of dental implants. Because we apply the Bone Morphogenetic Protein using dissolvable sponges, there is no need to do additional surgery. Once the BMPs are placed on the surgery site, they induce rapid, natural bone growth.

4.   Improved Outcomes

BMPs have been shown in numerous studies to enhance the success rates of a wide range of oral surgical procedures. Their ability to stimulate bone growth and regenerate bone tissue increases the predictability and long-term success of dental implant placement, ridge augmentation, sinus lift procedures, and other oral surgeries.

5.   Fewer Complications

Although most oral surgical procedures run some risk of complications, using bone morphogenetic protein dramatically reduces the chances of post-operative complications. BMPs offer a safer alternative to traditional bone grafting procedures, which can have associated risks such as infection, pain, and nerve damage. By using BMPs, the risk of these complications can be minimized, leading to better patient outcomes.

6.   Customizable Applications

BMPs can be combined with various biomaterials and scaffolds to create customized solutions for specific oral surgery cases. The versatility of BMPs allows for their application in a wide range of procedures and defect types, providing tailored treatment options for patients.

If you are undergoing oral surgery, Dr. Li or Dr. Fan will review your options, including using bone morphogenetic protein, to determine the best treatment protocols to ensure a full and quick recovery.

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