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5 Reasons Dental Implants Are Worth It

A photo of an elderly couple with their granddaughterIf you are missing a tooth, you know the inconvenience, embarrassment, and stress that comes with this predicament. Your smile and eating habits have been hindered, and you need a fix. But dental implants sound like a huge endeavor and expense. Is it worth it?

Here are the reasons our team at Flushing Oral Surgery and Dental Implants believes dental implants are worth the investment.


The unparalleled durability that a dental implant offers cannot be ignored. An implant’s titanium screw fuses with the jawbone through a process called osseointegration, securing it in place forever. Now, that’s a permanent solution. The moment a tooth is lost, the supporting jawbone begins to lose structure and deteriorate. However, the fusing of the implant with bone provides much-needed stimulation that keeps the jaw healthy and the smile long-lasting.

Replacing the Root

Dental implants don’t just replace the part of the tooth that we can see above your gum line, but they replace the root of your tooth as well. By acting as root, the implant increases your chances of avoiding bone loss. Healthy bones mean healthy smiles.

No Dietary Restrictions

Since dental implants function and feel like your natural teeth, patients can enjoy eating without any dietary restrictions. Implants offer the freedom of eating anything and everything, as opposed to dentures that can put a strain on your normal eating habits.

A Natural Look

Arguably the greatest advantage of getting a dental implant is that the tooth replacement doesn’t look like anything but a real tooth. Without question, it looks and functions so naturally that your friends will never know that the implant is not the real tooth.

The Cost of Going Without

Dental implants last 2-3 times as long as bridges and dentures. So, the upfront expense translates to a better investment over time. In fact, implants end up paying for themselves. In terms of longevity and cost, dental implants cant be beaten.

Is dental implant surgery worth all the trouble? When it comes to durability, appearance, and functionality, dental implants are the best option out there. By choosing dental implants, youre choosing the long-term option that can last a lifetime.

At Flushing Oral Surgery and Dental Implants, we owe much of the success of our dental implants to our team approach which involves our dual degree oral maxillofacial surgeon, Dr. Li, your restorative dentist, and our dedicated dental laboratory. We pair the latest technology, such as our X-Guide™ guided implant system and our cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) system with surgical evidence-based analysis to ensure precision and accuracy.

Want to make an appointment with us to discuss your options? Call our Flushing NY office today! Flushing NY Office Phone Number 347-943-1960

Updated Patient Safety Measures at Our Office

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Infection control has always been extremely important to us at Flushing Oral Surgery and Dental Implants. We assure you that we will continue to adhere to all infection control recommendations made by the American Dental Association (ADA), the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and New York State Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (NYSSOMS). Rest assured that your safety and well-being is our top priority!

Safety Precautions for Patients and Staff

We’ve made some key updates to our office protocols in order to ensure your safety. These precautions have met and continue to exceed all NYSSOMS, OSHA, CDC, and ADA guidelines.

You will find the following changes when you visit our office:

  • Additional hand and sanitizer, soap, and water are always available in each operatory and our reception area for patients and staff.
  • A one-way flow throughout our office helps maintain social distancing.
  • We follow and exceed all OSHA guidelines in terms of sterilization and disinfecting of all surfaces and each room between patients.
  • We’ve strategically installed Surgically Clean Air air purifying units in the reception area, in our operatories, and throughout our office.
  • Every member of our staff is required to wear PPE, including N95 masks, face shields, surgical cap and scrub tops and bottoms with gowns, in the operatories.

Changes and Requirements

You may see some changes when it is time for your next appointment. We’ve made these changes to help protect our patients and staff.

  • When you first arrive, you will be asked several screening questions.
  • Bring your own mask with you when you come in for an appointment. We will not allow anyone to enter our office without a mask.
  • We will request that you wash your hands before entering the surgical suites for consultations and for procedures.
  • Our waiting room no longer offers magazines, and it has been reconfigured to accommodate social distance seating of 6 feet and more.
  • Appointments will be arranged to allow for social distancing between patients which may mean fewer options for scheduling your appointment. Thank you for your patience.
  • We will allow more time between patients’ appointments to reduce waiting times for you and to reduce the number of patients in the reception area at any given time.

If you have any questions about your upcoming appointment or about our standards and procedures, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at Flushing NY Office Phone Number 347-943-1960

3 Ways to Maintain Oral Health at Home During COVID-19

A photo of an girl smiling with her toothbrush and showing

As our routines, expectations, and daily activities evolve with the COVID-19 crisis and as we follow our mandate to shelter in place, we tend to feel helpless at times. What are some of the things that we can still control? Our team at Flushing Oral Surgery – Dental Implants wants to encourage you to prioritize the upkeep of your oral health. This is one thing you can do in the midst of these uncertain times. As we adjust to this current situation, oral health is one thing that can so easily fall by the wayside if we are not careful.

Here’s a reminder of what we all should be doing to maintain optimal oral health, with or without the crisis of COVID-19:

  • Wash your hands.Never before have we been encouraged so emphatically to wash our hands, but 20 seconds before and after any personal dental care should always be your standard.
  • Brush twice daily.Don’t neglect this practice just because your daily routine is not the same as it once was. Make a conscious effort to prioritize your brushing.
  • Floss once daily.If this hasn’t yet become your habit, make it one now. Floss while you read before bed or during your evening show.
  • Eat well.Sticky, sugary snacks and drinks may be attractive at the moment, but they’ll destroy your teeth if you’re not careful.
  • Limit snacking.Permit yourself to eat at specified times, and steer clear of your kitchen even though it may just be a few feet from your home office.
  • Drink plenty of water.Drinking half your body weight in ounces is ideal for your overall health, and water serves as a natural cleanser for your teeth.
  • Avoid smoking.Did you know smoking is bad for your oral health? It limits blood flow to your mouth, making it easier for bacteria to grow.

Maintaining Your Oral Health

Consider the following practices and perspectives as you seek to prevent a decline in your oral health while we all stay at home.

The Long Haul

COVID-19 will not last forever. It might be hard to imagine at the moment, but remind yourself that social distancing will eventually be a thing of the past. When you’re face to face with your people again, your breath and the state of your teeth will matter. What you do now, or fail to do, will have an impact on your future. Brush now for a brighter tomorrow. When the coronavirus is in the rearview mirror, you’ll be glad you did.

Your New Daily Routine

We no longer need to get fully dressed as we work from home. There’s no rush to eat breakfast before walking out the door. Our days have become fluid, so forgetting to brush our teeth until 3 pm happens to the best of us. Is it even worth it by then? Yes, it is. But brushing in the morning is even better. So, make a plan to brush right after that first cup of coffee or first thing as you return from your morning walk. Schedule it into your new morning routine. Set a reminder on your phone if you need to.

Eating/Drinking Habits

Did you realize that comfort foods, snacks, and alcoholic beverages are on the rise as we cope during these prolonged periods of constant family togetherness and isolation? We are reaching for anything that will comfort us as we navigate our new normal that is anything but normal. However, sugary and acidic food and drink can destroy enamel and wreak havoc on teeth. So, limit your intake. And drink lots of water to prevent erosion and to wash away potential cavity-causing bacteria is a helpful hack when you do partake.

Excellent oral health doesn’t just happen, especially as we work from home, manage distance learning, and juggle the uncertainties of this current time. But routine is essential. If you’re struggling emotionally or fighting psychological fatigue, take some time out of your day to access your routine and the habits that you’ve developed over that past several weeks. Decide on one adjustment you’d like to make that will lead you toward a happier, healthier smile. Make oral hygiene be your focus today.

Dr. Li and our team at Flushing Oral Surgery – Dental Implants have missed seeing you, and we plan to reschedule your appointments at the soonest possible opportunity.

Dental Care During COVID-19

General office announcement about COVID-19

By now, most of us are aware that our governor, Andrew Cuomo, signed the “New York State of PAUSE” mandate that includes a new directive that all non-essential businesses statewide must cease to offer services. This executive order has been issued to assure uniform safety for everyone, and as an oral and maxillofacial surgery practice, we must close our doors to all aspects of care except for dental emergencies.

What does this mean for you?

We are currently only seeing limited patients according to the American Dental Association (ADA) guidelines, with limited operating hours on a case by case basis.  The ADA defines dental emergencies as potentially life-threatening dental issues that require immediate attention. Please call our practice if you have an urgent dental need, such as uncontrollable bleeding or severe pain or infection, and we will make every effort to care for you.

We will reschedule all routine and non-urgent dental procedures as soon as the executive order has been lifted. In the meantime, stay home and stay healthy. Rest assured that we are in this together. You are not alone. We will do all we can to meet your oral surgical needs at the soonest possible opportunity.

If you are experiencing a dental emergency, we want to treat you immediately. Please call our office at Flushing NY Office Phone Number 347-943-1960.


The Dos and Don’ts of Good Dental Hygiene

Dos and Don’ts of Good Dental Hygiene

Dental Hygiene is important. Those who practice good oral habits reap the benefits, while the latter… not so much. Most of us have a great deal of control over whether or not we keep our teeth as we age. Those who don’t follow a proper routine, end up losing their teeth, thus requiring the need of tooth replacement (such as dentures, dental implants, etc.). If you want to achieve an optimal level of oral hygiene, all you have to do is follow these do’s and don’ts!

• Brush your teeth twice a day! Use a soft-bristled brush with a fluoride tooth paste and be sure to brush all surfaces of the teeth, even the hard to reach places.

• Floss your teeth every day! Floss removes food trapped between your teeth and the film of bacteria that forms before it turns into plaque.

• Visit your dentist every 6 months! Regular visits allow your dentist to discover early signs of cavities and gum disease.

• Eat a mouth healthy diet! Indulge yourself in foods such as whole grains, fruits, vegetables, lean meats and of course, water!


• Forget to replace your toothbrush! Tooth brushes should be replaced every 3 month—or after you recover from being sick. If you have an electric toothbrush, replace the head rather than purchasing a whole new one.

• Brush too soon after eating! Brushing immediately after eating acidic food can cause tiny particles of enamel to be brushed away. To be safe, wait at least 1 hour.

• Go overboard with bleaching! Over-bleaching your teeth can make them very sensitive to hot and cold foods, thus causing a variety of other problems.

• Ignore pain or abnormalities! Toothaches can be a sign of a more serious dental issue. See your dentist as soon as you discover changes in your dental health.

• Consume lots of soft drinks and sugary foods! These foods are highly acidic, which wears away your enamel overtime. Frequent consumption of sugary substances allow plaque to grow more rapidly—thus the likelihood of cavities will increase substantially.

When it comes to your dental hygiene—you have the option between keeping your teeth or not. By starting to practice these dental do’s and don’ts, you will be on the right track to a long-lasting smile. Give us a call today Flushing NY Office Phone Number 347-943-1960!

3 Benefits of Dental Implants

3 Benefits of Dental Implants

Missing a tooth? Meet your new best friend—dental implants. Before choosing to opt for a dental implant, it’s important that you understand the in’s and out’s of these replacement teeth and how they will benefit your smile. When replacing a tooth or a gap with a dental implant, you are not only giving your smile the perfect finishing touch, but also allowing yourself the normalcy of a full set of teeth. Below are three reasons as to why dental implants are the best tooth replacement option.

Lasts A Lifetime: Dental implants are made with a combination of titanium (yes, the same titanium used in airplanes and spacecrafts!) and jawbone that creates a sturdy foundation for the replacement tooth. This replacement tooth is able to withstand numerous years of regular wear and tear when paired with a proper oral hygiene routine that is consistent and thorough. This powerful replacement tooth (or teeth) is permanent—so you won’t have to worry about getting a new one anytime soon. To ensure that you keep your dental implants in tip top shape, take the initiative to clean your implants after enjoying any foods or drinks—just as you would with your natural teeth.

Can Prevent Gum Disease: By having a dental implant in place of a gap, you are able to prevent any debris or bacteria from being trapped within the crevices between your teeth and gums. In fact, a dental implant can give you the appropriate amount of space you need to maintain a daily brushing and flossing ritual, reducing the risk of irritation of your gums, like periodontitis.

Restores Chewing Power: One of the biggest advantages of dental implants is being able to fully chew and eat again! In fact, studies show that many patients fail to even find a difference between a natural tooth and a dental implant, as they look and feel just the same. With the ability to chew properly, you’re able to maintain a normal and healthy balanced diet (and life) by being able to eat a variety of your favorite foods.

When looking for a replacement tooth option, consider dental implants. Need more information or want to learn more? Give us a call at Flushing NY Office Phone Number 347-943-1960 to explore the next steps to regain not only your smile back, but your confidence too.

Wisdom Teeth: Recovery Tips

Wisdom Teeth- Recovery Tips

Wisdom Teeth are the back molars that come in last, usually between the ages of 18-25. These molars are typically removed due to lack of space that can cause shifting of the surrounding teeth. If you are experiencing pain and discomfort, you may need to have your wisdom teeth removed. Below are a few things to keep in mind following a successful wisdom teeth removal surgery.

What to Expect:

Wisdom teeth removal can be uncomfortable to some degree; however the amount of pain varies from person to person and how many teeth are removed. It’s important to note that the anesthesia wears off approximately six hours after the procedure, which is when you may need to use the pain medication your doctor has prescribed.

Foods to Eat:

Eating after having your wisdom teeth removed can be difficult, as you will most likely not be able to eat your typical foods. We always suggest to stock up on soft foods beforehand so that you’re adequately prepared. Below are a few suggestions:

• Applesauce
• Jell-O or Pudding
• Yogurt
• Oatmeal
• Soup
• Mashed Potatoes
• Smoothie

Foods to Avoid:

There are quite a few foods to be on the lookout for, as they can cause a significant delay in healing time and potentially cause complications.

• Anything that can get stuck in the extraction site, irritate the gums, or reopen the stitches (i.e. rice, quinoa, or types of seeds).
• Hot, crunchy, and spicy foods that can cause irritation.

*Please note that you should also refrain from drinking through a straw to avoid dry socket that occurs when a blood clot loosens due to the suction.

Taking proper care of the wound after surgery is crucial, as it plays a detrimental role in the amount of time it will take to recover. Full recovery can take anywhere up to two weeks to following a wisdom tooth removal surgery. It’s very important for you to follow the aftercare instructions provided to you after the procedure. If you think it’s time to have your wisdom teeth removed, give us a call! Flushing NY Office Phone Number 347-943-1960

3 Benefits of Dental Implants

3 Benefits of Dental Implants

Missing teeth? You may be trying to decide what replacement procedure is best for you; dental implants, dentures or maybe even another option. When it comes to choosing, we always recommend dental implants. Dental Implants are a permanent solution to a lost tooth (or teeth) and have many benefits over some of your other options. To help make your decision a little bit easier, we’ve created a list of the top three benefits of dental implants!

1. Dental Implants Act Like Natural Teeth!

One of the most well-known benefits of dental implants is that they look and act just like your natural teeth. When properly placed, dental implants are nearly impossible to detect. Unlike dentures, which are removable and can cause discomfort to the wearer, dental implants are surgically placed into the jaw and provide no discomfort.

When dental implants are implanted to your jawbone, they provide the utmost of stability. This means that you can continue to eat your favorite foods, speak normally, and enjoy your improved self-esteem!

2. Improves Your Oral Health

Losing a tooth can have a big effect on the overall health of your mouth. When a tooth is lost, your gums begin to recede, which then causes the teeth to begin to shift, ultimately weakening your jaw bone which causes major problems for the rest of your remaining teeth. Dental implants provide stability to the jaw and prevent the surrounding teeth from shifting.

3. Reliability

Due to the permanent nature of dental implants, when properly taken care of, the implants can last a lifetime! Luckily, taking care of your implant is simple. Simply treat the implant as you would your other teeth, with the help of proper brushing and flossing.

Taking action to replace your missing tooth sooner rather than later will result in less headaches in the future. If you are considering dental implants as a dental procedure, give our office a call to schedule your consultation at Flushing NY Office Phone Number 347-943-1960!

Everything you need to know about Dental Bone Grafting

Everything you need to know about Dental Bone GraftingWhat exactly is a bone graft?: Bone grafting is a surgical procedure done when you need to repair bone fractures or replace bone loss. When a tooth is missing or retracted from the alveolar bones that support your roots, gums and teeth, it eventually evaporates, causing facial features to shift and sag over time. This then creates potential problems such as pain in your mouth, not being able to speak properly, or chew food adequately. Fortunately, with the help of bone grafts, the bone that has been lost can be built again, which will not only heighten your appearance by providing strength back into your jaw bone, but also allows us to place a dental implant (artificial tooth) on top of it! In simple terms, the goal of bone grafting is to provide a safe, long-term solution to tooth loss!
How it works: The procedure itself is done by using a piece of bone (typically from your own jawbone; however artificial is also an option) as the base for your implant. Depending on the type on dental implant you plan on the receiving, and the condition of your jawbone, the process of recovery can take up to several months for the transplanted bone to grow enough to fully support the implant. Once the jawbone is healed, titanium, screw-like posts act as the new implant’s roots for fully functioning tooth support. The final step of dental bone grafting is to make molds of your teeth and jawbone, which will then follow with the placement of your realistic-looking artificial tooth!
After The Procedure: Bone grafting is a very popular and safe procedure, with over two million surgeries being reported each year. Of course with any surgery, come a few risks. Common ones include infection at the source, damage to the surrounding teeth or blood vessels, nerve damage, and sinus problems. The post-procedure discomforts include swelling of the gums, brushing on the skin, and minor bleeding. Any discomfort after the procedure should only last a few days and can be managed with anti-inflammatory medication, as well as ice therapy.
Following a successful bone grafting and implant surgery, it is recommended to practice excellent oral hygiene and see your dentist regularly to ensure proper functioning of your implant! To learn more about bone grafting or think you are a qualified candidate to have it done, give us a call at Flushing NY Office Phone Number 347-943-1960!


Winter Oral Health Tips

Winter Oral Health TipsWinter is here and with it, comes the drastic change of weather! The cold temperatures are fun in theory, but what about the toll it takes on your health? Often times cold weather brings on a variety of pesky problems, like dry skin and irritated throats. But, the problems don’t stop there. In fact, your oral health is also affected by the change of weather. That’s why this season, we put together the ultimate guide on how to keep your oral health in perfect condition this winter season!

Tip #1 – Tooth Sensitivity: Many find that they experience increased tooth sensitivity to cold temperatures. This can not only come from foods, but the chilly air outside too! If you find that you are experiencing tooth sensitivity, there are tons of tricks you can do to help avoid discomfort. These include using a toothpaste specially formulated for sensitive teeth, or even rising out your mouth with salt water!

Tip #2 – Cold Sores: Cold sores can appear for a variety of reasons, including cold weather and a weakened immune system. To prevent a cold sore breakout, start by keeping your hands off of your mouth area! If you do feel a cold sore coming on, immediately apply a topical treatment to the area to stop the infection in its tracks.

Tip #3 – Chapped Lips: Chapped lips is one of the most common ailments of the winter season. To avoid painful cracked lips this season, invest in a good lip salve with SPF+ to keep them protected. In addition, it’s important to mention that your body moisturizes from the inside out, so remember to keep up with your daily water intake to help to keep your lips moisturized!

Tip #4 – Cavity Care: Let’s face it, the best part of the winter season is all the delicious foods! It’s fine to give into temptation and indulge in sweet treats, but just be sure to properly brush and floss afterwards to avoid cavities! In addition, always remember to drink plenty of water to help rinse away food particles and bacteria from your mouth! Incorporating dental friendly foods into your winter diet to help with cavity prevention will also benefit you! Foods such as crunchy fruits and vegetables, cheese and other foods high in calcium, are all perfect for keeping your teeth and gums healthy this winter!

Taking care of your oral health is important. That’s why we want to ensure that your oral health is in tip top shape this season! If you would like to schedule an appointment with our office, give us a call at Flushing NY Office Phone Number 347-943-1960! In the mean time, stay warm out there!