5 Reasons We Use Piezosurgery

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The mere mention of jaw surgery often evokes feelings of fear and anxiety in many patients, and this causes some of us to completely avoid necessary treatments altogether. If this applies to you, we want to do all we can to assure you that we can treat our patients comfortably and safely, alleviating dental issues before they become bigger, more complex problems. And to do so, we use a groundbreaking technology: piezosurgery.

As experts seek to develop technology that provides comfortable and minimally invasive oral surgical options, the latest is piezosurgery. At Flushing Oral Surgery, we have replaced traditional bone-cutting methods with this advanced technique which enables us to gently cut bone with ultrasonic micro-vibrations that keep the soft tissue safe.

What makes piezosurgery so special?

Piezosurgery allows for better accuracy.

During piezosurgery, Dr. Li and Dr. Fan use tiny 3D ultrasonic waves to gently break apart bone tissue without causing damage to the soft tissue that surrounds it. The accuracy of piezosurgery helps protect sinus membranes, arteries, and nerves around the hard tissue. In short, there are very few risks to the surgical site and nearby areas when this advanced technique is used.

Piezosurgery provides more comfort.

Traditional surgeries that involve drills and burs are rather invasive and often involve pain, bleeding, and swelling. Piezosurgery, on the other hand, is a treatment strategy that eliminates those possible outcomes, requiring smaller incisions and less tissue modification.

Piezosurgery is the safer method.

Since piezosurgery uses ultrasonic waves rather than drilling to cut bone, there are fewer chances of experiencing bleeding and infection. Overall, this technique provides much less risk of complications, side effects, and post-op issues.

Piezosurgery enables faster healing.

The recovery period for piezosurgery is almost non-existent when compared to more invasive, traditional procedures that use drilling. In fact, most of our patients return to work the same day rather than having to take a few days off.

Piezosurgery is only used by top oral surgeons.

Piezosurgery is a cutting-edge technique that requires training and expertise that most oral surgeons have not yet explored. So, by choosing us, you’re putting your oral health in the hands of an elite few—the best.

Ready to find out more about piezosurgery?

From simple to complex jaw-surgery procedures, including tooth extractions, bone grafting, periodontal disease treatment, and dental implants, we treat our patients expeditiously in the utmost professional manner, implementing advanced technology to skillfully restore your smile and your confidence.

Call us today and book a consultation in which we can assess your situation, discuss any questions you may have, and determine if piezosurgery would benefit you!